Chip automatic saves lower than normal

I was wondering if anyone could help me? Recently the guys here that work in my office have noticed their automatic saves being a lot lower than normal! Prompting an all out rush to our online accounts to check if we’d become victims to bank fraud!

Only to find… no… Our account balance is where it normally is and for the past few weeks chip has been taking less than normal? Has there been an algorithm change? I’m already a level 5 saver and its still not saving enough! I’m topping it up each week, not really the point of Chip if you have to be so manual!

If there has been an update, would be nice to see a change log in-app, I really don’t want to have to come to a website every update to see how you’re managing my money.

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Same. Used to be near to £100; now at a mere £23. Nothing changed.

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Hi guys,

Thanks both for your posts! I’ve just checked in with the operations team, who have confirmed that this issue has been investigate during the current development sprint. The source of the issue has been resolved, and is currently in testing. The bug fix should be released within 48 hours! :fire: