Chip Crowdfund Investor Diamond Collection NFT


newbie to chip forum here. I bought shares in the business last October and have just received my Chip Diamond Collection NFT on OpenSea. It’s really cool design and I love how the 200 together make the full diamond. Would anyone be interested in selling their NFT? Also are the numbers random or do they rank investment amount or position or something.

also would there be more NFT awards for future investments but would they be from a different collection? have the 200 from diamond collection been given out to investors already?

I haven’t received mine yet. What’s OpenSea? I was asked to open a metamask wallet which I have….

I also don’t appear to have received my NFT. I’m using MetaMask, as recommended by Chip.

Hey guys, OpenSea is the platform we use to transfer the NFT, we have had to transfer them in batches, so not everyone has received it yet, this is because we have to manually transfer every single NFT and it’s simply time consuming, we will have them all transferred to those who created their crypto account wallet by the end of the week.

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Cheers Fred. Received my new hoodie today. Very nice :+1:

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I’m not selling mine! I’ve already had an offer of 0.1ETH

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Evening Fred, I seem to be missing emails from what people are saying on here and they are not in my junk.

Was there one saying open an Opensea account?. I also didn’t seem to receive an email or notification stating open a MetaMask like others?

I received an email on the 8th about the new investment round saying watch my inbox tomorrow (9th) for public announcement, I don’t seem to have received that either?

P.s love the body warmer and hoody, but I may have to put some muscles to fit into it. :joy:

Just let me know if I need to do anything else.


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I got some shares in March and October 2021.
I did not know anything about the NFTs.

Who are able to reclaim the NFT perks?
I would know if I am eligible,


Was this NFT part of a tiered list reward? Don’t recall mention of one when I invested in October.

That’s brilliant, thank you!

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