Chip decides to attempt autosave ignoring settings

Guys, really bad day for Chip today. Since you decided to introduce charges for autosaves above £100, I’ve had my minimum balance set to £150,000 to prevent all autosaves (funnily enough I will NEVER have that much money in my account).

So far, setting the minimum balance so high has worked for several months (last autosave was 15th April)… until today, when you’ve decided to arbitrarily schedule an autosave.

Seriously Chip, how do you expect to retain customers when your dependability sucks so badly?


Never say never :grin:

Funnily enough, I’ve just had the same issue where I have auto saves disabled but it still tried to make one.

Chip is literally useless to me right now. I get spammed with multiple repetitive emails a week about stupid things like payday saving and f**k off funds, when all I care about is an FSCS protected account that pays some interest.

Thinking I might have to take a break from Chip until this is ready.

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I think you both need to get out of the sun! It affecting your behaviour over something very small that can be addressed by chip customer services so easily. I really don’t see the need for the hostility in your messages.

Instead of setting your balance so high turn off auto save and save when your able. I think a lot of people on here forgot this is a company that requires its staff and overheads to be paid. That money has to come from somewhere and nothing is ever free in the long run.

You also have to remember that this is a new company with new technology, there will be glitches. Instead of swearing and being aggressive help them build a better product from feedback. That’s what this community pages are about.

Chip continue the good work, I’m looking forward to the add ons in the coming weeks.


I think it’s you that needs less sun - then you might be able to see more clearly (you started it!).

Chip is a financial institution - yes, it might be gamey and shiny and full of emojis, but still a financial institution - and as such should be held to the highest possible standards. In a world where a day’s downtime can lose such a company a significant proportion of its customers, Chip really needs to grow up and get its act together. And I say this as a very early supporter and investor. I’m staggered that Chip still functions on a wing and a prayer. Not nearly good enough.


:sunglasses: Got my shades on now. :joy: As a supporter maybe something constructive in your messages instead of a rant and if your an investor I’m sure you don’t want to drive other away from the product with negative statements. Every financial institute makes mistakes. First Direct has just mess up with me and corrected it, so they are held accountable and I’m sure that the hard workers at Chip are already working on the issue. I have never been disappointed when contacting them over a glitch. As an investor you should want them to succeed as we all do. It’s a new product with new technology and they are learning and getting better. With better products and services on the horizon. Give them a chance. Stay Cool :sunglasses: Make sure you drink plenty of water it’s hot out there. Stay hydrated :sweat_smile:


Who is swearing? If you are referring to me then I just mentioned a saving fund that Chip promoted recently which was called the “f**k off fund”. Yes i know, it was very silly.

I do have auto saves disabled but an auto save was attempted none the less.

As the other poster stated, chip are a financial company and if they want my money then they need to offer an account that actually pays some interest because right now they are paying zero but still spamming me with ridiculous emails that just repeat the same thing every week.

A lot of people seem to think the auto-save feature is the ‘be all and end all’ but for me personally, it’s only a nice feature. It takes 5 seconds to transfer money to a savings account and I know exactly what I can and cannot save.

So how was I unfair in what I said? They don’t pay interest so what’s the point? and are you saying that you are happy with the amount of emails from chip and the content of those emails?

I’m actually going to disable the emails now but I shouldn’t have to. If they had actual news then great, but they don’t.


Hello all,

Thanks for the passionate debate, although of course we always prefer positivity when possible!

We’ve looked into it and there seems to be a bug that occurred today with the save floor tech. Our engineering team is looking into it as we speak and we’ll let you know when a remedy is live.

Unfortunately bugs are part and parcel of tech no matter how big or small the business. All we can do is be transparent when issues occur and fix them as quickly as possible.

Thanks for your support.



could i ask how so many glitches occur in the live system?, one day they are not there and the next they are?,

are the techs permanently making changes to the live software ?, i would have assumed that this would be carried out offline so that the changes can be tested by the huge group of customers / forum users that offered to bug test chip over its existence.

it just seems that when the glitches arrive its always the customer that loses out for example saves streaks / auto saves / bonuses etc

i guess not a positive critic , but maybe one that could be answered quite easily


Hi @sprowt

So we have a QA (quality assurance) team of 4 people, maybe we could get the to do a Q&A (there’s got to be a good pun there somewhere) and answer questions on their process.

So 99% of all Chip accounts run perfectly all the time, but occasionally (like all tech companies) we run in to bugs. Unfortunately this is just part and parcel of our industry and something we will always have to deal with. Some bugs will be tiny (a button might change colour) some may be bigger (the biggest we ever had was our iOS app went down for 24 hours).

Our tech teams never make changes to the live software. Any changes to live software (production software) get built offline, tested and then implemented. Bugs can occur in production when there is a variable that was not planned for e.g. a 3rd party changes something in their code, or simply there is something that changes the logic. For example we had a crazy bug a few years ago that was caused by daylight savings hours crashing the app at exactly midnight. Obviously this would have been almost impossible to predict.

Anyway, our approach to bugs is always: fix fast, and be transparent with the issues. Bugs will happen, it’s how you deal with them which is the main thing.

I hope that helps give some insight into a very complex topic.




@BruceLD that issue has been fixed and won’t occur again if you set your save floor. The issue was due to an update to the bank connection service which caused an override in the save floor logic. This has been rolled back and amended.

Sorry for the issue!

Thank you. Hopefully you can proceed to enable a proper autosave disable control so we don’t need to find workarounds. Support told me the balance setting has a limit of £3000 - is that still the case? If so, I don’t think the app should allow/confirm a setting of £150,000 (as I have mine set to).

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thanks Alex, sound enough response,

i was going to ask for an example for the autosave limit, but you answered that above and i can see how something like that could affect your software so thats fine for me, thanks again for the reply

i can see how implementing something one day that appears to be working fine cannot forsee all future external influences that may affect it.

possibly look to have settings that are fully controlled by chip, ie an off / on switch for autosaves


Slightly off topic a bit but I work in air traffic control. Back in the early 2000’s we moved to a new software system that had over 2 million lines of code in it :scream: and still to this day there are bugs in it that if were slightly touched would break something else and that would In turn break something else so it’s just left as is and we cope…so you can see that a system that has lives depending on it is full of bugs and errors that have work arounds…it’s the nature of a human programming a machine that will inherently be faulty :flushed::grimacing:. So chip will be just the same and always will be. Although I’m hoping my life won’t depend on it :pray:t2::crazy_face::joy:


I think Chip has something like 2.5m lines of code all in actually… :airplane:


Ok. Add inflation then it’s prob 10m :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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That’s probably 10 trips lengths around the world :crazy_face:

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Morning all - has this issue actually been fixed?

I just logged into the Chip app, and it tried to make a save again.

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It seems impossible to completely disable all autosaving - even with CHIP lite. (although it can apparently be put back by a couple of months according to the app).

CHIP seems to spend a substantial amount of money on the AI features. (probably about three times as much as they do on customer service).

As someone else implied it’s already very easy to transfer money manually with an app. I don’t need AI to tell me how and when to save. I, (probably like most others here) know perfectly well when to save and how much to put aside and I’d rather do it manually because then I’m in control of my money. (And not an overpriced AI algorithm that might be charging me by stealth for something I don’t want or need).

If I was CHIP I would focus much less on AI and much more on RI, (Real Intelligence), security and improving human customer service - including better interest rates for savers and more staff over the holidays.

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