Chip Delivery Updates Part 2


Today we started a new sprint and below are some of the things that we are looking to improve in the app over the next two weeks:

  • Fix the issues around bank connections refreshing. Users get an error being told that they’ve entered the wrong details or their bank connection has dropped but cannot action this.

  • Fix the issue where sometimes cancelled saves give the appearance that they are not being cancelled in the app.

  • Tailor the app to workaround the fact that HSBC bank connections now require a daily verification code.

  • Improving our monitoring capabilities to help us identify pain points quicker.

  • We’re increasing the priority of integrating with iOS 13. Will look into a solution for the current issues relating to iOS 13, so we can have a smooth transition when it’s officially released by Apple.

  • We’re releasing some beautiful new designs! The goal this sprint is to finalise these and get them out into the iOS and Android apps.

I can’t mention everything we’re working on, but this should give you an idea of what’s on our radar. Is there anything that you would like to see in the next sprint? If so, comment down below!