Chip Delivery Updates


For those that don’t know me - I’m the Scrum Master here at Chip, you may have seen my bit about Scrum as part of our open office presentation.

Both of our scrum teams are hard at work making the best savings app better, the team is growing substantially and we are adding highly talented people to the team all the time, including David Kavanagh (@Kavanaghdj), who has joined us from PurpleBricks Group PLC where he was the Global CTO seeing the technical team grow from a team of 7 to 140+ and is now a global force controlling >80% of the UK online real estate market and is now the biggest estate agency in the UK. David is a long standing Chip investor and user and joins us to scale the company and disrupt the market to make Chip the undisputed best savings app in the world.

Yesterday we released version 2.2.1 which comes with the following updates:

  • (Bug fix) Notifications on iOS not coming through.
  • (Bug fix) iOS app uses a substantial amount of mobile data.
  • Overdraft saves can no longer be turned off for card connected users (since we have no way of viewing bank balances for non-bank connected users).
  • Minimum bank balance can no longer be set for card connected users (same reason as above).
  • Bonus notifications will now be sent.
  • (Bug fix) Spinning wheel on gifs.
  • Users with a US nationality can no longer use the app (FATCA compliance).

But we’re not resting there, we have a lot more improvements in the pipeline and we are building on our momentum to release updates frequently and often. I will post more updates here, but in the mean time if you have any questions or concerns regarding our technical delivery, please let me know. I will be as transparent as possible in my answers! :smile:


When will the withdraw button be fixed on iOS 13?

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iOS 13 beta tester I presume :wink:

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Probably when iOS 13 officially comes out. You can’t really expect Chip to support beta software.

Yeah, I am. It’s not an issue really as I can message support but I am just curious.

I am looking forward to the improvements and more frequent updates though,

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I am aware, I was asking a question.

Good question - I can confirm that fixing issues that stem from the iOS 13 beta is not on our radar at the moment.

The bug fixes that we currently have in the works (will drop a detailed update mid next week) are sorted by severity and number of users affected. Unfortunately iOS 13 beta users represent a fractional percentage of our user base, so although it is something we need to investigate - provided Apple don’t provide a fix - there are more pressing defects that we have to address


Thanks for the update. It’s likely being released on September 10th, so not that long till release. Hopefully we will see fixes shortly after :slight_smile:

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