Chip home screen - Initial designs

Hello again :wave:, Elliot here (Product Designer at Chip.)

So, last month I reached out and asked you all “What you’d like to see on a potential Chip home screen as you open the app?”

We got some great feedback on what’s important to you. Thanks to those who gave us some fantastic suggestions.

Now for the fun part. I’m excited to share 3 initial designs with you.

First, I’m interested in how you rate each design. Use this scale:

:fire:- “Too hot to handle”
:heart: - “Love it”
:+1:- "Like it

Second, I’d like to hear your thoughts, feelings and suggestions.

Here’s an example:

Version 1: :fire:or :heart: or :+1:
What do you love about this design?
How would you improve this design?

Remember: Have your say. Help influence the product. Make Chip better for everyone!

Enjoy your Friday and have a good weekend.

I look forward to hearing your feedback.

Chip-home-screen-version-1 Chip-home-screen-version-2 Chip-home-screen-version-3


3 is :fire: as it’s the cleanest looking to me and less fussy at the top and I like how you can scroll down and see all you need

2 is :heart: for similar reasons but I think it’s more cluttered at the top

3 is :+1: but too fussy for me and too much going on


3 is :fire: - clean, informative, and i like pie charts!

1 and 2 are fine but a bit too in my face.

2 :fire:
3 and 1 :heart:
I think they are all great but appreciate seeing all the goals up front instead of swiping. I also prefer 2s display of the monthly summary with the donuts. I like the swiping for settings, less important info so don’t need to see it all at once. The articles to the sauce are a great addition at the bottom

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3 definitely for me and if not version 2

3 is :fire:

By the way what happens when you hit 90 save streaks?

2: :mask:
1: :face_with_head_bandage:

That’s all

3 for me :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:

3 is :fire::fire::fire:

2 is :heart:

1 is :+1:

3 :fire::fire: clean, easy and liking the pie charts.

3 is :fire: for me. Easy to navigate, has what I want to see on the front and is clean.

3 please looks good better than the other two

3 definitely looks the best it’s got to be :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:

3 is :fire:
Clear and informative

3 :fire: like most elements
2 :heart: few features
1 :+1:

Looks like I’m with the majority. 3 :fire:. Far better graphical display than the other 2 designs.

1&2​:+1: but 3 is definitely :fire:

Deffo version 3 for me!

:fire:3, it’s clean, informative, easy to see everything
The others are just ok

Great to see everyones opinions on these ace designs! :slight_smile: