Chip home screen - Prototype test

Now then :wave: Me again. (Product Designer at Chip.)

A couple of weeks ago, I posted some different versions of potential home screens for you to rate. Thanks again for all those who offered their thoughts and suggestions. We had over 100 responses which is fantastic!

Now we’ve started to narrow the scope and finalise the design; I’m back with a cool prototype for you all to test!

If you could spare 5 minutes, please follow the link below and complete the three tasks using the prototype home screen.

The more detailed you can be with your responses, the more we can take from it. Cheers for your ongoing help :green_heart:

Have your say. Help influence the product. Make Chip better for everyone!

Go go go! :rocket:

To be honest, the lags in the testing environment makes it unworkable.

Working good for me on maze. The design is great, good progress! I’m just wondering how you will integrate chipX now that it won’t have a specific tab.

Seemed to look very clean, first one caught me out but other then that great work. :wink: