Chip in for sport

Get connected with a Green future. The health of chip relies on its users. I hope that chip can offer sports teams an account with good savings to store their money throughout the year. The National Lottery in the UK challenges the UK government to provide more investment. It also helps various sport clubs to improve facilities. I play hockey and pay regularly every week into an account that takes a fee. I hope chip can support greener future.

Our Club account gets free banking with Metro Bank…maybe the hockey club should change banks.

On a wider issue…I agree that Chip should in time widen its product base, but feel that we need to get Chip fully operational 1st with the key features and benefits of current product range…mainly quick transfers back to bank accounts and interest rates that react to the market place in a prompt manner.


Hey, thanks for your message. Just to clarify, do you mean in terms of a business account for sports teams?

whilst I was thinking your question was directed @doogey96…I do think this is an avenue that Chip could exploit…my football club account with metro pays us peanuts…and I only keep the money in their to segregate for my own benefit as treasurer…I think they pay a massive 0.10% interest on credit balances !!

Hi Nik,

I’m not sure how a sports organisations works whether its charity or business but if you could use a card reader to pay straight into a chip for sport account with special benefits for sports teams i think it would be a good target market especially if the interest, as wrighpd said, was higher than competitors.
Marketing wise sports teams would be more likely to put their money aside with chip if there were rewards along the way and with so many members in a team it would also raise the money coming in through the app.

That’s an interesting idea, appreciate the responses from you both. I’ll be sure to pass this along to the product/commercial teams

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Just to add ‘teamo’ and ‘spond’ applications allow sports teams to pay membership fees through their apps with a fee to sports clubs. Is that something Chip in for sport could adopt or start this conversation? Fitness and clean energy are talking points in our millenial community and the balance between men’s and women’s sport is getting better. Thank you Nik for passing on our thoughts.