Chip in the Financial Times!

Brilliant piece in the Financial Times featuring a quote from our CEO Simon Chip - looking at the ways that older people are engaging with technology and how that impacts the industry.

‘For savings app Chip whose oldest user is 93, the onus is on product creators to make fintech accessible to everyone’


Thanks for the link, but it’s behind a paywall. Any chance of cutting and pasting the text from the article?

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I’ve archived the page which can be found here:


Also on This Is Money today:

The general sentiment in the comments is a useful read. The consensus seems to be that if you have £10K savings to spare then you’re likely to be looking elsewhere for a better return than £135… (much less with ChipAI fees)

“I’ve given up on savings accounts. Not worth bothering with. I’ve started to dabble in a stocks and shares isa and I’m well up. Plus, it’s more exciting.”

Roll on the Investment product launch! :rocket: Any news on when this will be open to early adopters?