Chip in the Sun

Chip is listed top here (5 days ago) - good - but interest rate mentioned is 0.9% (?)
… might just add am not a regular reader of the sun :angry: :open_mouth::upside_down_face:)


Hey Laura, thanks for flagging! Great to see that we’re in this kind of article, you’re right on the interest rate though - we’ll have to get our Head of PR, Daria, on that!

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The error on the Suns part only allows us to get them to reprint a statement giving even more free advertising.

Bonus if we can talk about the ChipX release date and further offerings!

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I appreciate the need for Chips need to put the name out, however, I feel associating with papers like the Sun is not great for the brand due to the hate they spread.
Just my feelings on the matter.

No such thing as ‘bad publicity’!

I also read in the article “Your money isn’t protected in auto-savings apps, so if any of these went bust you could lose cash.”
Isn’t CHIP FCSC protected upto 85k? :thinking: