Chip Instant Access - now paying 3.82% (AER)!

Good afternoon all,

The interest rate on the Chip Instant Access is rising to 3.82% AER (variable)!

We’re building the wealth app of the future, working tirelessly to deliver the best possible experience for every Chip user across all of our products. We’re delighted to be able to react quickly and ensure you’re getting a great instant access rate for your savings.


How far away are you to introduce a higher rate on the chipx subscription?


Fantastic news! Chip Instant Access now offers an impressive 3.82% AER interest rate, ensuring a great saving experience for users. Keep up the excellent work! For Queries about higher rates on ChipX subscription, it’s it’s best to contact the company directly for the latest updates.

Kroo have just updated to 3.85%…

Update from Chip imminent? :eyes:


KROO updating to 3.85% on 1st July so CHIP is still better
And it’s a current account not savings I believe

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There are now several banks offering 3.9%+ on their easy access savings accounts.


I see the rate is now 4% :muscle::ok_hand::boom:


Tandem have increased their instant access savings rate to 4.10%


@arjunsuhass you are easily pleased. 4.25% would have impressed me. 3.82% did not.

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3.82% is so last week. We’re at 4% now…

@Darrenstout, do you mean 4.21%?

Did 4.21% impress you?

@Darrenstout, under the circumstances, yes.

Not that much, it’s like a restaurant, food was fine, could have been better, 4.35% would have been a great figure