Chip Investment in shares

I read somewhere that the Chip shares I have expire in a few years. The current value of each share is not even a hundredth of a pence. What is the whole story here and will I ever see returns on my investment before the shares expire?

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@drtaher I think you were reading about EIS. After a 3 year period the disposal relief comes into play and you can sell shares etc with no CGT. Just one of many EIS perks! In past conversations on Facebook this has been confused with expiration of shares.

If this is not the correct naswer., I am all ears! :ear: The equity should not just expire (standfast administration etc)!


Your explanation is correct

Yeah, depending on what round you invested in, there is a minimum time period you must wait before being able to sell your shares.

However once you sell them, you benefit from not having to capital gains tax.

Also the “nominal share price” shown on the EIS form is not reflective of the actual share price.

So that 0.00001p shown is not the real price.

It’s hard to tell what the current price is because the company has grown quite quickly since the last round. But you can expect there to already be a growth in your investment.