Chip Investor closing

Hi all, just got an email stating chip investing expires at 12pm tomorrow I was a previous investor…but I can’t find a way to reinvest at crowdcube . Was there a link to this round of investment?

You can still invest tomorrow but its capped at £1200 after 12:00.

@sarahchip put this link on another thread on friday , see if this works for you.

That’s great thank you.

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We’re bringing in the cap at 4pm, just to give anyone interested a little more time. :slight_smile:

I would like to invest in Chip, can i get access to our private round.


Hi @Zylan, have you invested in Chip in one of our previous rounds at all?

Hi I would like to invest in chip. How or when will I be able to do so?

Probably the last crowdfunding round took place last month, the next round, later this year, if likely to be VC only… Your best bet might be to find a private seller here or on Twitter and agree a price…