Chip no longer listed on MoneySavingExpert website under autosaving apps

Just a heads up on this, as personally I found the Chip app through this website, so IMHO its important that Chip is listed there.

Can one of the Chip staff contact them and find out why we are no longer listed there?



This is not a good report from MSE but I don’t think it will effect too much when the saving accounts come out.

Yeah it doesn’t paint us in a good light to be honest. I guess they’ve been busy answering loads of queries on the latest crowdfund, but would be good to have some official feedback as the article is almost encouraging users to steer clear of us.

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The reason is that Moneysavingexpert considers that there are better autosaving apps out there.

I think they normally just list all accounts that fall into the category, and then they will mention which they think is best. Hence me wondering why we have been removed completely.

After reading this is does seem like it’s saying stay away, it also almost makes you feel like chip is a contradiction the benefit of chip is the automated saving if your paying to save money is this a benefit? I never knew about tandem think I’ll look into these other apps myself. This plum app actually looks like it might be good for trading which is funny because I sent the topic to simon whom I’m still awaiting a response from.