Chip open banking API

Could Chip please offer an open banking API so that 3rd party aggregators could show me my Chip balances?


+1 for this as I use Emma Pro and the main Chip instant access account is imported with no problems but would be great for the HTB and Chip+1 balance data to be pulled through too :slight_smile:


I use Emma standard but would agree with this being added as well as the basic Chip account :raised_hands:


Disappointed that Chip don’t have an API.

Not what I would expect from a company claiming to be a fintech.

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I think as of last month @Team-Chip has a new chief technology officer so expect this might change…

I just got Emma and was told by them they have just disabled the connection to Emma. Is that the same for you?

Yea I saw the same notification in their forum as well. Any reason for this?