Chip Open Office - 31 July 2019

Come and see where the magic happens!

On 31 July, we’re holding an open office event and we’d love to see some of you there.

Tickets are free, there’ll be plenty of drinks and pizza, and we have some great talks planned by some of Team Chip.

You can find more details and get your ticket here:

Hope to see you there!


Looking forward to meeting you all!

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Only a handful of tickets left for this, and then it’s the waitlist! :tada:

Was there a follow up blog style post about what went down at the party?

I’ve heard the craziest rumours and wanted to fact check a few.

  1. Was there a giant cube of marble that party guests took turns chipping away at to win loose change encased inside?

  2. Was the ground covered in wood chips and people running around in chipmunk masks and full chipmunk costumes ?

  3. Was the only food chips and once they went cold did the whole party descend into a chip throwing fight between the staff and chip members attending ?