Chip reading total and not available balance

Hi there, just to report that I have noticed that Chip is reading the total account balance and ignoring pending payments/available total. I have had two occasions when it has tried to save when the available was under the limit I have set, yet the total (due to pending payments) was above. I had to change the saves it was trying to take. Just TBA as that could potentially take people into overdrafts. Or push saves through when under the requested cut off point (as in my case).

It is a problem for sure. I ve been taken into an unauthorised overdraft on one occasion already - i intentionally dont have an overdraft facility on my current account to stop myself accidentally going over my budget. Luckily i noticed it immediately and transferred the money back into my account and wasnt charged but it would be good to get this sorted.

This has happened to me on a number of occasions too the first time I didn’t manage to catch it but on the subsequent occasions I did.

Hi all, what banks are you with, and are you both bank and card connected?

If you please let me know, I can pass this on to the dev team to look into.

I’ve PMd you response