Chip Status Page

We’ve created a Chip Status Page where you can check to see if the app or any of our features or connections are currently experiencing problems.

If your app isn’t working as it should, check this page first to see if it’s an issue we’re aware of and are working on!

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The status page doesn’t appear to work, and right now, nor does the chip app!

What is going on??

Not working for me either

Ditto, I’ve been trying to log on from 6 am today and get a ‘Something went wrong, trya again’ banner across the bottom of the app.

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Our developers are working on this as a priority, we should be back up and running ASAP!


Is there an ETA for resolution? The status page comes up with a DNS error in chrome, whereas the API gateways give a 500 error.

As an investor the lack of visibility of this issue is very concerning

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At least I’m not the only one having trouble! Guessing something has fallen over. Will try again after lunch, hopefully things will be behaving then :slight_smile:

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And just like the app at the moment…its knackered

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I am having problems connecting my first direct account

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This page isn’t working for me at the moment