Chip will not load

Hi need some help i open the chip app put my passcode in and it then just goes to a green screen and does nothing from there can anyone help i have tried uninstalling and reinstalling but its not workinh any ideas?? Thank you :blush:

Hi Ryan, what device are you using please?

Android samsung s5 was working fine couple of days ago

Thanks! Our developers are looking into a couple of reports of this issue, so I’ll pass that info on to them. They’re working on a fix as we speak!

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brill thank you I needed to pause the saving how else do I access my account if I cant logon to the app?

If you send an email to with the mobile number tied to your account, the CS team can manually pause your account. :slight_smile:

Brill, Thank you very much

You’re very welcome!

Although I’ve just this second been notified that a fix has just gone out, so if you download that as soon as you can (might take a few hours to appear in your Play Store), then you should be all good!

Isn’t this the same as this Conversation: App not working android

Yes it is bit unfortunately I don’t get an official response but this thread does.

Totally disappointed in chip right now. And to think I invested in chip

I nearly did, but it was only going to be about £10 so no point really.

@sarahchip - Can you merge these 2 Conversations as above, or chop them to include the screenshots from the Conversation created by @Natty80?

This is a different bug to the other thread, and the bug in this thread is now fixed so I’ll close it, as I’ve also replied in the other one. :slight_smile: