Chip X - Couple Of Things

Going through it all now and it’s looking very good. I have noticed one thing that I have raised before. The balance fund account charge is 0.21% not 0.22% and I’ve noticed on your new page it states as an example that all funds are 0.22%. Just a small thing and as it’s an example may not be important?

But I’m loving the look and easy of it, great work guys. Just looking forward to the investor incentives next :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

keep it up. :smiley:

And this section needs changing to 0.21%. It’s located under the information symbol by the fund name.

Sorry one more. Your KID document for Emerging Markets is 0.95% but you state 0.97% on the main page

Hey @Masquerade31 - this is a simple thing - the very small discrepancies are because BlackRock only update the KIID every 3 months whereas the data we pull through for the app is live. you should rarely see variance of more than 0.01-0.02%.