Chip X Release Timeline

Hi all,

What is the estimated timeline to release Chip X currently?

I’m keen to see about putting some of my savings into Chip X, but haven’t heard anything for a good while now.



There isn’t a solid date, currently.

ChipX and Smart Credit need a careful balance with their rollout, to ensure we have the right numbers of lenders and borrowers. This means we’re taking it slowly and reassessing at each step.

There is due to be an update/discussion on them both internally soon, so hopefully we’ll have some more solid information soon!


It has been mentioned here before, but a product roadmap would be a useful tool. @sarahchip is this something that has/will be developed? :receipt::framed_picture:

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Currently we’re just in the process of finalising plans/priorities for this quarter, so as soon as that’s done we’ll be able to update you all. :smile:


I’m curious if the the recently announced new requirements/rules for P2P lending platforms have delayed roll out plans for Smart Credit


@sarahchip When will the next quarterly interest be paid for Chip X? For April May and June?
Do you guys have a date?

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Hi! That was paid on the 11th July . :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Sarah, I did Not get any payment on 11 July.
Can you tell me where I should have received this and amount, so I can find this. I do not think I have.

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It should be in your Chip account. If you’d like us to double check your account, the live chat team will be able to take a closer look!


You may have to wait for a reply they are struggling to respond to all the messages!

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Ok I have found. Sorry I did not see before. I did not know It was from Chip X. Maybe the text in future should say Chip X interest or something? Maybe an email communication saying its being paid , all could help for future. Just an idea. Thank you again :slight_smile:

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Hi Parrish,

Thanks for your comment. The live-chat team are responding to enquiries as quickly as they can (this time of the morning is usually busy!) If you do have an urgent question, please don’t hesitate to contact me at :slightly_smiling_face:


When will my chip X cash show up in my chip app? Is there any update when that will happen?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi All

Simon here. So ChipX rollout…

I noticed this thread here so thought I’d give you a quick summary.

The biggest challenge we’ve faced with ChipX is the demand to lend money is far larger than we expected, there is an enormous appetite for Chip Savers to earn better returns on their savings. On the other side we need to be really cautious and select borrowers very carefully, we’re making delicate credit decisions, leveraging OpenBanking data - we’ve got to get this right and be exceptionally cautious to start with.

That means we still have not lent all the available capital and I know there thousands of you who are very keen to start lending too.

So what’s the plan? Well, we’ve decided to partner up with a number of great community or peer to peer lending platforms where we will enable ChipX savers to deposit into these varied returns options all inside Chip - really exciting, the prototype is really slick.

I personally wouldn’t be bothered to start researching different returns offers online, opening loads of accounts but if ChipX enabled me to move some of my savings in an out of different returns products that were all verified by Chip and don’t need additional account creations I’d really like it.

So that’s the plan to solve this over demand for ChipX, we’re working on it now and will open up signups (For Investors and ChipMunks first) later in the year.

Watch this space



I think this is a brilliant concept. It allows those who wish to see returns via P2P have the ability to achieve those returns, whilst the community scales up and the demand for borrowing may increase over time. Win-win.

Within an ifisa? That would be really cool.

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Have I imagined that ChipX is going to launch next week?

I’m an investor but didn’t get an code to allow quick access to Chipx. If I look at queue it asks me for my code to access chipx now.

How do I get this please?

Hi @Richie & @Trevt , the codes will be sent out in the coming months. We’ve got more information on the ChipX queue here: :slight_smile:

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I am an investor how do I get my investor code?