Chipbot Bug Downloading Notifications Constantly

Good Morning Team, it appears my Chipbot has a bug. When I click on Chipbot it starts adding all the auto saves, bonus etc that I’ve not seen. But when I click away from Chipbot and go to say my accounts or any other section and then back to Chipbot it starts downloading the same notifications again. So far it’s downloaded them about ten times. Hope this helps to identify the issue.

I’ve seen the same the last few days. Keeps going back to the 17th July

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Just been notified by Chip they are working on the problem but a fix now is to delete the app and reload.

This has worked for me but you do lose all your previous notifications. For me that wasn’t an issue as the amounts are covered elsewhere but maybe for others.

Hi all, have flagged this thread to the team :slight_smile:

Thanks Krish. Enjoy the sun :hot_face: weekends almost here.

You too Richard :sun_with_face: :sunglasses: