Chipbot Bug Downloading Notifications Constantly

Good Morning Team, it appears my Chipbot has a bug. When I click on Chipbot it starts adding all the auto saves, bonus etc that I’ve not seen. But when I click away from Chipbot and go to say my accounts or any other section and then back to Chipbot it starts downloading the same notifications again. So far it’s downloaded them about ten times. Hope this helps to identify the issue.

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I’ve seen the same the last few days. Keeps going back to the 17th July

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Just been notified by Chip they are working on the problem but a fix now is to delete the app and reload.

This has worked for me but you do lose all your previous notifications. For me that wasn’t an issue as the amounts are covered elsewhere but maybe for others.

Hi all, have flagged this thread to the team :slight_smile:

Thanks Krish. Enjoy the sun :hot_face: weekends almost here.

You too Richard :sun_with_face: :sunglasses:

So Krish… i’ve been sitting on this problem for a while now. I’ve been ignoring it because it’s not that big of a deal… every other part of the app works fine.

But if i do actually have to click on the “ChipBot” page … i have to wait a solid 3 to 4 minutes of notifications scrolling past my face before i get caught up to date.

It wouldn’t be bad but if i click away and go to “accounts” or “goals”… and then click back onto ChipBot… i have to watch as it happens again!

I don’t have to leave the app… it literally starts the whole show all over again… there is only so many times i can deal with Professor Mcgonagall clapping at me before my phone goes flying across the room.

“Take that you smug cow! You know i’m rubbish at magic!”

Please help. Fingers crossed for a patch sometime soon.

Delete and reinstall is a temporary fix at the moment bud

I too found this infuriating. There is a hacky workaround mentioned by @Masquerade31 which is to hard uninstall the app and re-install from the store. Only do this if you don’t mind losing all your chat notification history though. I’m told from the devs that this is legacy code from the original v1 chat-bot-style app and was being worked on. I guess they have bigger fish to fry now.

I spoke to them yesterday and I was told that it’s being fixed this week. So fingers crossed.

Mind seems to be fixed this morning. I hope that’s the same for all. Thanks Chip & Krish

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Although Professor Mcgonagall is offended, I completely understand your frustration - and it is something that we’re working on as we know that a few of our users have the same issue with the app. Will keep you all updated in this thread!

Still an issue for me and a little frustrating . . .
If I delete and re-install will I loose my SaveStreak?

No you won’t lose it

Chipbot still loading historic notifications…any fix yet?

Mine appears to have been fixed

Still happens with mine goes back like 4 months!

Likewise. Very frustrating. Also, where’s the live chat now? I thought that’s what the big speech bubble on the homepage was?

This seems to have re-occurred.
I had this a few months ago; had to delete and re-install the app to fix, however has now started happening again.

Mine still goes back to 20th of July.
I’m going to mark it as a bit of a Chipversary once it gets to 1 year as bugged with no fix.

Because deleting the app and reinstalling is not a fix. So as a matter of principle I’m refusing to do that.

Hopefully the boffins figure out something. It must be a real doosey of a problem before they haven’t patched it yet.