ChipX - coming in a few days

Enjoy a sneak peek of the new ChipX video that will be in the app along with the new membership:


That’s awesome @actlatham. Reminds me of the Apple ones they used to do with Jonny Ive doing the talking. Quality :clap:

Nice promotional video!

In your email sent out earlier, it states investors (those that have invested certain amounts) will get ‘Chip X’ for free / for a certain amount of time. How will this be shipped out to those who qualify: ie myself? I’m conscious that my email for investing is different to my actual chip account email? I’ve also not received anything yet not sure whether I am supposed to.

PS. Is it just me that hears tipp-ex everytime it says Chip X? :sweat_smile:


Hoping for some sort of tech fund :thinking:

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That was a sick video, marketing team are on point :ok_hand:

“A few days” means more than one, more than “a couple” (two) and “at least three” but not too many more. “My sister came to visit for a day”. “My sister came to visit for a couple of days”. “My sister came to visit for a few days”. “My sister came to visit for a week”.

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I don’t think your sister is going to be leaving at all. You’d be better off moving out yourself than waiting for her to go. I wasn’t holding my breath and I’ve been proven right so many times. This has been going on for years, but we were even told three weeks recently, and two weeks and those have come and gone, so “a few days” is just the same as “tomorrow”. It never comes.


“ChipX - coming this year”?


My Sister promised to visit well over a year pre covid!

I still haven’t seen her despite her promising me from when she was born!

I was delighted to hear that I had a sister come into our family, we both celebrated our 60th birthday recently. I do hope I manage to finally meet her before one of us dies!

Chip X comes more times than I do!

It’s Father Christmas that I feel sorry for though.

He only comes once a year!

And that’s down a bloody chimney!


My sister’s still here, she’s been here for over a fortnight now. She’s definitely overstaying her welcome! “A few days” she said.

Hello everyone! Just a quick announcement to keep everyone in the loop.

Basically, we can see the whites of ChipX’s eyes. Or to put it another way; I very much believe this will be last post I ever need to make about ChipX that isn’t either “go get it now”, or “it launches on X-day.” :crossed_fingers::pray::crossed_fingers:

We know you want to know more - we’ve been flooded with questions about ChipX - so we decided it’d be great to do another live stream. After the last one’s success with other 1000 attendees we’re looking at hosting it directly on Facebook or Instagram to make it easier to attend.

I’ve managed to lock in @Sheridan_Chip to host, with guests VP of product @CorinnaChip and head of partnerships @PaulChip to walk through everything you want to know about ChipX (I may have bagged possible appearance from our very busy COO Sharon)

Keep your eyes open in the next day or so, you’ll be the first to know as soon as we’re ready to stream.
Sadly the powers that be don’t let us record and share live Q&As after they’ve happened (we’d basically need to get a script signed off by our regulatory people, which wouldn’t really work well with the format), but if it’s as popular as last time, we’ll definitely do a few more live streams.

For people who can’t make the live stream, I’ve been hard at work with the new community manager on the block, @FredChip , to get signed off answers to the questions you’ve already asked. So there’ll be some substantial posts coming here and on the forum very soon!
Have a great evening, Tom.


You work for Chip, are you really that naive? Or do you have such a fantastic telescope that you actually can see Chip X? I’ve never come across one so powerful.

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In other news, source of the Nile discovered!

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Just got some promising news from my sister. She is finally coming over. Now it’s only a matter of fixing those issues with the engine she was always talking about. :man_shrugging:

I am really sorry, one of our carefully set-up systems we created to automate these emails jumped the gun there and a few users got one of the launch emails out of sequence and far too early. Your sister is on her way, just stuck in a little traffic!

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Imawalrus! this one really made me laugh!! :rofl:

All Chip X funds now open……buzzing :rocket::moneybag:


Just about to put some money in Chip X funds :champagne::pound::pound:


Do the chip+1 investment funds transfer automatically to under the chipx umbrella? (Asking on behalf of my sister :joy:)