ChipX - coming in a few days

Enjoy a sneak peek of the new ChipX video that will be in the app along with the new membership:


That’s awesome @actlatham. Reminds me of the Apple ones they used to do with Jonny Ive doing the talking. Quality :clap:

Nice promotional video!

In your email sent out earlier, it states investors (those that have invested certain amounts) will get ‘Chip X’ for free / for a certain amount of time. How will this be shipped out to those who qualify: ie myself? I’m conscious that my email for investing is different to my actual chip account email? I’ve also not received anything yet not sure whether I am supposed to.

PS. Is it just me that hears tipp-ex everytime it says Chip X? :sweat_smile:

Hoping for some sort of tech fund :thinking:

That was a sick video, marketing team are on point :ok_hand: