ChipX Core Investment Funds wishlist

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On the latest Chip roadmap, we have mentioned ‘Core Investment Funds’. I thought it would be interesting to start a discussion on this, to find out everyone’s wishlist, and see who gets the most right when this launches in the nearish future.


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Yep thanks for bringing this up it’s something we are looking at internally as we speak. There are a few considerations to make when picking suitable funds for retail (and in some cases unsophisticated/first time investors).

  • Brand name
  • Diversification
  • Cost
  • Simple
  • Funds offered by the competition
  • Active or passive

We have a good relationship with BlackRock and are also very keen on Vanguard LifeStrategy funds, why? Because the tick all of the above boxes.

With version 1 we will offer simple to understand highly diversified funds which, as BlackRock market, could be seen as “entire portfolios in one fund”.

LifeStrategy and Consensus at BR and VGD respectively are the market leaders in this class and BlackRock have also launched their MyMaps range - a new set of funds focused on limiting volatility to help long term investors remain suitably diversified according to their risk profile.

We will be working with highly experienced investment experts and our principal firm to ensure we only expose our customers to appropriate products.

In V2 I think our focus will be offering the best ESG funds in the market.

Keen to know if others in the community have experience investing in funds, if so which ones and through which platform?

Partnerships Manager (Savings and Investment Products)


Chatting to people at work you need a simple S & P 500 fund in amongst the offerings I think as they are diverse and straightforward I believe?

Absolutely, tracker funds of different indexes are great low cost ways to invest in a diversified way

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Perfect - good to see we’re quite far into this process.

Myself I used to use Hargreaves(0.45% platform fee for funds), but then switched to Cavendish Online(Fidelity platform, 0.25% fees for funds). I also use Trading212 for ETF’s and stocks, so no platform fee there.

Fund wise, a mix of:
Vanguard LifeStrategy 100%
Vanguard All World ETF
Ishares UK Dividend ETF

And a selection of other funds as well from time to time.