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ChipX is now live and waiting for you! Take your savings to the next level.

ChipX is our new membership plan focused around growth, it brings seamless access to savings and investments products, and we’re launching with a suite of funds from BlackRock. We designed it to bring the benefits of investing and wealth management tools, without the complexity that traditionally comes with this - it’s a way to get serious about your money, without, you know, getting serious.

Most of the ChipX exclusive funds have had higher historic average annual returns than the three core funds available with the ChipAI plan. However, past performance does not indicate current or future performance, and should not be the only thing you consider when selecting a fund.

With ChipX, you can put your money in a fund actively managed by BlackRock’s experts, or choose from a range of funds around a theme, like healthcare innovation, emerging markets or clean energy.

This has truly been years in the making, we are so incredibly proud of this product and are over the moon to finally be sharing it with you.


As with all investing, your capital is at risk. The value of your investments can go down as well as up and you may get back less than your original investment.

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Thanks @Masquerade31 we’ll have a look at this now. We pull the OCF figure through from our investment provider and occasionally when BlackRock change the fee by 0.01% here and there there’s sometimes a delay in it being pushed through the app. I’ll pick this up internally - thanks so much for your help and I hope you enjoy all the funds ChipX has to offer!


Hi Paul, It is looking great. I’ve moved my post as I realised I’d posted in Munks. It’s now in the bugs. You must have been replied as I moved it. Great work, it’s looking great.

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Great to see ChipX is finally launched. I have had a look around but can’t see how you can make regular or AI saving into these funds. I’m sure this was meant to be a feature of ChipX?


That’s coming soon to the product. Today we are offering manual deposits into ChipX :grinning:

hi, i’m confused by the plum fee comparison. plum is listed in the app as more than 2x more expensive than ChipX but i don’t think that’s right:

Chip is £1.50 per 28 days + 0.75% annual platform fee with the ChipAI plan OR £3 per 28 days + 0.25% annual platform fee with ChipX (not yet released)

Plum is £1, £2.99 or £4.99 per month with no annual platform fee (plum website)

i am trying to work out the cheapest way to invest my money for 1 year, maths isn’t my best skill so please correct any mistakes i have made. this does not include the fund fees because they are not charged by the platform.

Amount Plum Plus (£1) Plum Pro (£2.99) Plum Ultra (£4.99) ChipX ChipAI
£1,000 £12 £35.88 £59.88 £39 + £2.50 = £41.50 £19.50 + £7.50 = £27
£2,500 £12 £35.88 £59.88 £39 + £6.26 = £45.26 £19.50 + £18.75 = £38.25
£5,000 £12 £35.88 £59.88 £39 + £12.50 = £51.50 £19.50 + £37.50 = £57
£10,000 £12 £35.88 £59.88 £39 + £25 = £64 £19.50 + £75 = £94.50
£50,000 £12 £35.88 £59.88 £39 + £125 = £164 £19.50 + £375 = £394.50
£100,000 £12 £35.88 £59.88 £39 + £250 = £289 £19.50 + £750 = £769.50

is there a way to use Chip cheaper or does plum have hidden fees? i’m not sure i understand the price difference.

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According to Is there a fee to invest with Plum? | Plum Help Center they charge a 0.15% fee as well as the monthly subscription. I think it would still be cheaper than ChipX for large amounts, but more expensive for small amounts

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Still, I’m not sure where the 0.55% fee quoted in the app comes from :face_with_monocle:

@FredChip Does it say in the app that Chip X is free of charges if you invested an amount on the past? It was a reward for investment? Are you able to confirm it’s free for these investors?

You will have received an email either stating you have it free for a year or free for life depending on your past investment.

I don’t seem to have the email, but I know I have made the investment to get the reward.

I got both (one year & lifetime) emails quite quick due to my investments. Try your junk mail as I’ve had them go in there before. You should also see if it’s been added by your account setting, when you open chip and go to profile, look in the top left corner. If you still don’t have that then just send a quick message I’m sure they are getting to them all.

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Hi Anjul I have all your contact info and will give you an answer on this ASAP

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Hey @FredChip @PaulChip - similar to Anjul above, I invested in Chip’s crowdfunding round in 2019 and invested enough to get ChipX for free for life, however I didn’t receive the email(s) telling me how I can activate my ChipX without need to pay. Can you please help? Cheers & good work on the platform! :muscle:

Hey Yichen,

Appreciate the kind words! If you send me a private DM on the forum with your investor info I can sort this out ASAP.

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