Closed Account - UNDERPAID accrued interest


I recently closed my Chip account, which had “pending returns” of £110.41.

Today I received payment (into my linked current account) for only £1.83! (ref: “customer interest”).

I’ve emailed the team to escalate this, however I’m struggling to get a response.
Now that my account is closed, I can’t contact via the app, so email is my only option.

Can anyone help?

Could it be a case of your pending returns being made up of both interest and bonus?
Maybe you’ve got the interest part and the bonus is still to follow. Just a thought.

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Did support get back to you?

Yes support has responded, confirming the interest payments were being made on Thursday 7th April; however I have not yet received any payments.

Any suggestions / advice on how I can get this resolved?

Thursday was the 6th. 7th being a bank holiday. I would give it until the 11th, the next working day.

All - can anyone help? Now I’m not getting any response to my emails sent to support, requesting an update?

Please can someone help me get this interest paid?

Hi, thanks for your patience - email is the best channel to contact the customer support team, and they will have your ticket on file to keep on top of things.

Hi Nik,

Appreciate the response - however I’ve been emailing support back/forth for over 3 weeks now & no signs of when the interest will be paid to me?

The email responses have all been very vague, with no specific guidance on when it’ll be paid.

Please can you help escalate?

Hey Dan, I’ve looked into this for you, thanks for your patience. Our engineers are working on your case to resolve this issue, as soon as they provide an update you’ll get a message from the support team. They have your thread open so they’ll be able to reply directly to you as soon as this is sorted.

Hi Nik,

Is there any update on this? I’ve not had any updates since last week & it’s been almost 4 weeks since I closed my account.

How long can this drag out for without a resolution?