Closed my account. Not safe

I recently closed my Chip account because I found out that Crowdsfunding combined with open source banking and Chip’s connections to other third parties, caused my phone number (and probably other personal details) to be leaked everywhere, so now I keep getting spam phone calls because of that.

Also another thing, because of open banking and thirds parties having access to your Chip personal details, when I tried signing up for another service or app that I soon after knew they were partners with Chip, also a service that I never joined before, it says I can’t because my phone number “apparently” is already used on the platform.

I’ve never had any such issues.

Me neither. Another Chip basher

I can’t believe this could be true.

Open banking is used by organisations all around the world and is proven to be secure.

What evidence do you have that Chip is the cause here and not that you have been subject to a data breach by other means or just have poor credit?

If there is credible evidence, then it should be investigated by Chip and Crowdcube as would represent a data breach.


I’ve never had any such problems and I’ve been using Chip for years. What was the other platform?

What if it was one of the other providers and not Chip?!

You haven’t the foggiest who it was really do you….

its a mystery but why blame chip when probably you have submitted your details with other websites and organisations hundreds of times

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The reality is with major data breaches occurring over the last few years, including Yahoo, British Airways, My fitness pal, etc, almost all of us are likely to have a compromised email and password combination or phone number that we either currently use or have used in the past.

The best way is to check and if your email address or phone number appears in the search, and then change all passwords for any account associated with that email address or phone number. Also people should have secure passwords and change them frequently, the problem is the average person is just too lazy


Thanks for the link. A very useful website to know about. :smiley: