Cobra Kai Never Die

So I had two separate groups of friends tell me multiple times to watch “Cobra Kai”. (Originally a YouTube Original and now picked up by Netflix)

I ignored them both…

But I accidentally ended up watching the first episode and am now hooked. As a late 80’s child who saw the karate kid in the 90’s, I honestly wasn’t sure what to think about this show.

But man o man am I’m glad I watched it.

It’s some of the most wholesome fun I’ve seen in years! As the global pandemic is now beginning to really stress me out. I’m finding comfort in new tv content to consume.

The karate kid is iconic to a generation… and this new tv show is exactly what I needed!

Has anyone else clocked this show out yet? What’s your thoughts on it? Or have you got any shows hiding in the sidelines which is needing more credit.


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Watched the whole lot. Was mega

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I heard about it a couple of years ago and fell in love, absolute genius! But no one had YouTube premium, so glad it made it to Netflix!

Just gutted we have to wait for season 3, it’s been in the bag for a year!

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yes also a 80s kid… its really good and interesting how the sensi student role is aged out by the older Reece…

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