Comparison and switching

Hi, has Chip considered adding the feature to switch your energy or broadband supplier in the app? As part of the revenue generated for Chip from a successful switch you could contribute to our savings balance (as well as the longer term savings benefits for users)

Good idea, but is the market not already saturated with this. That and there are new regulations expected to come into play shortly, that existing customers must be offered the same terms as new customers, so the expectation is this will mean less consumers switch providers and this is expected across multiple markets.

One such article - but change is coming:

It might not be worth the cost of Chip jumping on the bandwagon of a decreasing market, when there is already goCompare, ComparetheMeerkat, Lookaftermybills etc. out there, and also takes focus and funds that could be directed to promoting Chip’s ethos - with ‘savings’ at its core.

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