Completed Goals logic/process

So I recently completed a couple of goals and wanted to replace them with new goals.

After starting the process Chip informed me I had £x of unallocated money. However from customer experience point of view that money isn’t unallocated, it’s still connected with the goal and the future use for it.

I know I can chose not use the unallocated money to create the goal or could sum up the money in the completed goals and subtract from the ‘available funds’ but this strikes me as clumsy. I also feel this gives the wrong message about those funds - there should be a way of ‘holding’ that money against the completed goal until I use it or ‘transfer’ it to a different goal.

The way the goals currently work are far from ideal, but the team recognised that and it is my understanding that they are working hard to create much more functionality for the goals.

No doubt @sarahchip can elaborate.