Concurrent Apple & IOS access?

So I’ve only ever used the app on my Android phone, but since it isn’t working right now I decided I’d see about setting up on my iPad as well. Now I’m working my way through the setup and it’s like I’m being asked to setup a new account. I’ve got to the point where I’m being asked to connect to my bank account - but that’s already in place via the Android App.

Am I doing this right, is this possible?

When it first loads it should say sign in top right corner I think enter your mobile number it will send a 4 digit verification code and you should be able to sign in on your apple device…

I get Skip in the top right, then it asks for my mobile. Once I give that, it sends me a text and moves through the new user setup.

Hmm, I do have more than one number on this phone, I wonder if that’s it.

Yup, that was it. Was the other phone number it was registered with. Phew!

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Glad you got sorted :+1: