Confused over Capdesk

Hi Chippers,
I keep on seeing Capdesk mentioned a lot on the forum, but I am not sure what it is or how I can join.
I have participated in 3 rounds of investments with Chip so assume they will be registered on Capdesk?
Would be great if you can advise.

Thanks in advance

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Just create an account with Capdesk using the same email address you used when participating in Chip funding rounds. You should once you’ve logged in then see your holding.

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Thanks very much, all logged in and sorted :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve got to be honest and say that I haven’t read much about Capdesk but like the previous poster I have also participated in the 3 round of investments with Chip and signed up for Capdesk to get that step donw but can’t see any of my Chip holdings? Wonder if I need to action any step through Chip itself?

Holdings are usually uploaded to Capdesk automatically. Are you certain you’re using the same email address as your Chip account? Failing that I’d contact Capdesk.

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Do you have to pay for capdesk? I can only see one option of £50 a month?

Capdesk is free, or at least it is for my personal user account.

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Thanks for this info i didn’t know and have just set up Capdesk in a couple of minutes and can now see my shares

I have opened a cap desk account (following link provided by Chip), I have checked the email I was registered with matches the invitation, and my portfolio is empty.

How to proceed?

If you’re sure the email you used for Capdesk is the same as your Chip one, best take it up with Capdesk.

Big shout to FredChip, my Capdesk is finally correct and showing the value of all my shares.

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Did any of the posters on this thread invest back in February this year, if so are those shares showing in Capdesk as well, as mine are missing.

The issue with the CLN conversion is still ongoing, capdesk have told us it will be fixed by the end of the week. I’ll let you know once this visibility issue has been sorted Ian.

My conversion shares are correct, it’s the A shares from the very last funding round that are missing,

Okay good to know, this should also be resolved by the end of the week, thanks for your patience on this Ian.

Hi Fred, can’t see any other update on the forum but the issue does not look to be resolved on Capdesk.

Hi Max,

We are aware this issue has not been resolved, I understand this situation is really quite ridiculous, considering how long this problem has been going on for. I will let you know as soon as this problem has been resolved. Every two days we speak to Capdesk asking for an update and an ETA for this to be fixed. They said this morning that it should be all sorted by the end of this week.