Connecting to Lloyds Bank

Hi, I’m new to Chip and have successfully set up my Lloyds debit card but cannot it seems link my Lloyds current account with Chip. I keep getting a connectivity error although it is so quick I’m sure the Chip app even tries to connect. The debit card is for the account I’m trying to link to. Does anyone else have the same problem and maybe found a way round it. May or may not be relevant but my current account is Club Lloyds.

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I have a bank connection and have had no problem. It may be an issue with the pop ups through your browser?

Hi, I am still having this exact issue and with the same bank. Any idea how to resolve it? Did you manage to get it sorted?

Yes I did in the end. As I suspected the long number on the debit card (I have a Club Lloyds account) is not recognised by, I assume, Chip. So what I did was to open a standard account on Lloyds and use that for transfers to and from Chip. It works fine.

I have a club Lloyds account connected and it’s always worked fine

Hmmmm strange. Yes I have club lloyds but just get a message saying we’re working on a technical issue.
Can I just ask, is it just the chip account that’s free or do you use the subscription one?

I have all the available accounts as I’m an investor and get chip x for free due to the level I invested

I have the free Chip a/c

Hey Mitchell - sorry to hear you’re experiencing this issue, have you gotten in touch with our customer support team via in-app chat? They can look into more account-specific issues like this and get it sorted for you!