Credit search by Chip


Just had notification of a search on my credit file by Chip for a “Personal loan quotation account”. I’m assuming this is linked to ChipX although, as an investor rather than a borrower, I’m not entirely sure why it’s required.

Hasn’t caused any issues for me but thought it might be worth a heads-up to anyone who is trying to ensure their credit file looks nice and tidy for mortgage\loan applications.

It may be that I agreed to this a while back and it’s completely slipped my mind.



Great point to note! I hope we get some information shared about this.

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@sarahchip can we get an answer on this please?

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@Broadie03 @Tristan As a regulated financial services company, we periodically carry out soft credit searches on our users for ID/KYC and product suitability. These soft searches are not visible to other companies and do not impact your credit profile or credit score.

For SmartCredit users that do take up the product, we also carry out a hard search which is visible to other lenders and does impact credit profile/score.


@chip-shiv thank you for the quick reply. Every day is a learning day! :nerd_face: