Crowdcube investment - something not adding up

In September I invested £500 into chip, I then invested another £500 in the recent round.

The other day I got an ownership statement for 358 shares. To me this does not add up. 358 x £1.39 = £497.62. But I have invested £1000? This is the ownership statement I have received. Also, what then happened to the 20% discount we were meant to receive?

None of this is making sense to me and I’d appreciate it if someone could clarify. I posted this question on the crowdcube forum and many people replied with the same question, but chip have remained uncontactable via there, or the app. This is starting to look and feel rather dodgy. Contacting the team should not be this difficult. I also haven’t been accepted to the investor forum so having to post here.

Can someone come back to me ASAP please?


The convertible round you invested in first hasn’t completed yet so those shares haven’t been issued

Check your Crowdcube portfolio and it will show the first £500 you invested as still processing and the second £500 will show as completed

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Hey thanks, I get that, but also the amount doesn’t add up with the 20% either?

The second raise wasn’t discounted at 20%. Only the convertible round which you haven’t received yet