Crowdfund now live for pre-registrations, and to the full userbase soon!

Hi all,

We’re delighted to announce that our latest crowdfund is now live to those who pre-registered, and will be available to our full userbase very soon.

This is likely to be our last ever crowdfund, and the last opportunity to join one of fintech’s largest shareholder communities, at 25,000+ strong. Our community is at the heart of everything we do, and we’re incredibly pleased with the response so far to this crowdfund, having raised £3.2m so far.

Please note we have a hard cap of £4.4m. Once the limit is reached we will not be able to accept any further investments - even if you are an existing shareholder.

For those of you who preregistered for this opportunity, your private link to invest will be in your inboxes now - please be sure to read the pitch deck, financials etc carefully to make an informed decision.