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Out of interest, what have you invested in via crowdfunding (if at all):thinking:? I have participated in raises for:

Monzo :moneybag:
Chip :fries:
Coconut :rice_ball:
Freetrade :chart_with_upwards_trend:

This type of “investment” makes up a small percentage of my portfolio, but is definitely a more interesting ride than ETFs!

Has anyone cashed in on a crowdfunding venture yet? There are not many I have heard of, granted it is a reasonably new process.

Apart from Chip I use Freetrade and have been thinking about making a small investment as I don’t have a lot of funds to spare at the mo. I’m torn between more shares in my portfolio or this months contribution going to investing in Freetrade ? Decisions lol :joy:

This was discussed in the Martin Lewis’ Money Saving Expert Forums:

My conclusions were -

Avoid ‘Crowdfunding’ unless:

  • You are very wealthy
  • It is a hobby that you perceive as ‘spending’ (unless very lucky)
  • You spread the risk in a fund that invests in many startups,
    remaining aware of the large expenses involved.

Hitherto I had intended on investing in Assetz Capital’s and Nutmeg’s Crowdfunds,
until the Forum ‘Big Guns’ shared their cautionary thoughts!

I’ll see how things pan-out with Chip before taking such high-risk investments again!

With Kind Regards

As with anything like crowdfunding only invest what you can afford to lose - and although money saving expert and similar have their place isn’t it amazing how the bad stories get greater prominence and coverage than the good ones
I’m invested in over 30 crowdfunding companies and I’m happy as they are long term Investments and a bit of fun but Martin Lewis hasn’t interviewed me yet !!

Hi @Broadie03

I have invested in several companies, all via Crowdcube:

Innis @ Gunn
Loch Lomond Brewery

No exits yet though all the companies appear to be doing well and growing. I’m a very long term investor so don’t expect a return any time soon.

Me I have done quite a number:

Crowdcube investments:-

Chip (invested *2)
Crowdcube (invested *2)
I love snacks (invested *2)
Money dashboard (invested *2)
Propifi capital (almost sold)
Wool and the gang (sold)
Now RX
Freetrade (invested *3)
The Rattle (invested *2)
Fullgreen (started as Caulirice) (invested *3)
Asap watercraft
Marketsflow (invested *2)
Go Modular Technologies (invested *2)
nHouse (invested *2)
Recycle Technologies (invested *2)
The Skunkworks (currently under Administration)
The Lake Distillery
Fishy Filament
Movie collective
Left Handed Brewery
Northern Mock Brewery
Cool cold brew
Seadog TV
Vita citric spirit
Oval money
Just Park
Intelligence Fusion
Movem (Sold)
Much better adventures
Verv (invested *2)
Boulder Hut
Pelican Exchange
Keen Home (they are bought over)
Wild Card Brewery
The Market Mogul
Wit Fitness

The Bottleshop (currently under Adminstration)
Destileria Santamania
Academy of Robotics
Lucy’s dressings
Mute international
The Good Egg
The Wild Beer Company.

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You have indeed! Which round did you start with Monzo?:moneybag:

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@fraserjrb This is definitely the best approach and quite a few people don’t realise the risks/timeframe attached to crowfunding. There are some pretty decent companies in your list. When did you get in on Brewdog? I really liked the luckytrip pitch but just couldn’t pull the trigger! Did you get any freebies from the brewery?!:rocket:

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I invested the last raise

The Fans Agency
Manufacture 2030
Small Robot Co.
Digital Brands Group
EFS Global
Graphene Composite
Brew Monster

20/20 Genesystem
Genuine Impact
Discovery Yacht Group

Just invested in:

Amour Agent

Over 96 companies with reinvestment in 12; 2 sales complete; 1 sale still ongoing; 2 bankruptcies and administration.

Just invested via Seedrs:

Commuters Club

Luckytrip didn’t really hit the inside of me. It looked decent though

@Nardge I enjoy visiting the mse site and forum but as with all things it should be taken with a pinch of salt. The forum “big guns” aren’t always right :wink: I think that the mse group are probably a slightly different demographic to most fintech circles (nothing to back this up except personal experience)!

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@Broadie03 I invested in BrewDog in 2015. I have a discount card but have never used it. You get a free beer on your birthday as well as priority access to new beers. With Loch Lomond Brewery I have a lifetime discount card, same with Innis & Gunn who also threw in a bottle opener. Chilango also issued a discount card, but have never visited any of their resturants as they are mainly in London, and I’m 600 odd miles away in Scotland. I’m excited about LuckyTrip though of course I may be completely wrong to feel that way. I’ll be using the app to book a trip once I get my investor credit through. Crowdfunding is a long term thing, I agree with you; many people seem unaware what they are getting into. I’ve held some of my best investments for 25 years now and have no intention of selling.

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I read from that website once and never went back there.

Only invested in four so far, but I only invest in FinTech as I work in Financial Services myself so understand the industry. Therefore, am very selective but when invest I tend to go in big.

So far:

Genuine Impact

I followed your journey with marketsflow on freetrade and found it very interesting. Personally I couldn’t find myself buying into it, but I am sure you will have the last laugh! :face_with_monocle:

How is the app shaping up? Do you use their service? :selfie:

App is far from where I would like it to be, but they only released it a month ago. They are scaling up their digital team to build out the app, so I am hopeful.

More importantly, results have been promising so far: 2.2% growth in my High Growth Portfolio over the last 30 days, in a market that has been largely flat.

They are also in detailed discussions with some family offices who wish to shift some of their Assets Under Management to them, as well as IFAs to help further with distribution.

Very early days, but the demand seems to be there. In al fairness, took a bit of a gamble with them, but working in Asset Management myself I know how the industry works and how it could be better, their platform could be an answer to that. Or not. :slight_smile:

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Now considering personalised protein company on CrowdCube.

For £450+ you get two years of monthly subscription of protein (31 shakes a month), which is worth £600 alone. So I already profit from the protein alone, which I currently buy elsewhere. Add in SEIS and potential returns on shares, and seems intriguing.

Not to mention that protein is a fast growing market, but everyone sells standardised products in bulk.

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Remember they can only honor their rewards whilst they are still trading. Given the large percentage of Crowdfunded companies who go under and don’t deliver on their rewards or investments, I’d tread with caution. You’re more likely to get a return from buying £450 of protein in advance and guaranteeing your supply at 2019 prices (no idea if it keeps for two years, I don’t use it myself)

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£450 with SEIS giving tax return of 50% becomes an “exposure” of £225 for potentially £600 worth of protein. If they go under, I get another 45% of at risk capital back back via tax refund under SEIS.

So in reality, £110-ish is at risk for a potential £600 protein and all the upside that shares can bring. Thank you, I will take my chances.

Exact same argument applied to Chip. There people got socks. :slight_smile: