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@Marsares SEIS is a game changer to be honest. If you are a regular protein drinker it makes sense. I would take a look at this raise if I were able to use the product. Unfortunately in my line of work we are very restricted on products we can use! A very niche market, which in all honesty would be easy for a company to cash in on! :chart_with_upwards_trend::tada::money_mouth_face::moneybag:

Some us didn’t even get our socks still! :socks::socks:

I’m naturally wary of all the CF raises that are shipping products via rewards. People tend to invest because of the incentive rather than because they believe in the company, and then the companies sales figures are skewed because of people piling in to grab a bargain rather than building a sustainable business.

You’ve done the math and your exposure is limited which is good. Give me a nice steak though anyday!

Warm regards


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I love a good :cut_of_meat: as much as the next person, but sometimes convenience beats luxury! We frequently travel to the :us:and they sure know how to do a good steak! Even the chain restaurants like Texas Roadhouse are mega! :ox:

@neilspellings the socks are the only reason I am here :joy::socks:

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Who has seen AFC Wimbledon raising via seedrs? I like the idea of investing in a football club :grinning:

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In the angel fund raise investors were also promised a bacon roll! I also never received that! I did get my socks though! :slight_smile:

@Northernwizard we sent out M&S vouchers for bacon rolls over a year ago. You sure you didn’t get it?

Other companies may not hold their promises… But Chip ain’t like other companies.

You can actually see the video of us rating/deciding on the bacon sarnie here. This was 100% the strangest day of my career.

@neilspellings has Paul still not sent you yours? Everyone should have them. Consider him fired.

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I love AFC’s video & story. I actually showed the video to my fiance and she cried…obviously heart warming! I wouldn’t say it’s a good investment for a return but they’re selling the story well.

Did you see a reference to Chip in their video? “We’re not just another Fintech OpenBanking app”… :joy:You know somethings going well when a League One football club takes a dig at you.

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You bet your chip cotton socks I didn’t get my voucher!
Check your records, you’ll see you didn’t mail anything up to Aberdeenshire for me! :frowning:
I’ve not moved… nothing arrived!

I never got the bacon roll or socks either. In all honesty, I don’t care - just make me a millionaire so I can that Lambo! :joy:

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:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: you are a reference point of what success is #TO

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