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I’m interested to know whether anybody is still holding onto any cryptocurrency from when the market began to crash at the end of 2017?

Do people think the market will recover?

What are peoples thoughts on Facebook’s announcements to release their own currency?

What coins have people backed?

Personally, I still hold some XRP which are now worth about 60% less than what I purchased them for (sigh), so I’ve decided I won’t be selling them.

I think XRP has some scalability and I find the uptake of RippleNet by global banks and payment providers very promising.

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I am HODLing quite a lot of tokens. Some have died and some are doing incredibly well.

I think Alt Season is coming but it might take quite a while to achieve the boom of 2017.

As for XRP I will just lol!

They are two completely separate issues.

A number of banks are considering taking up Ripple, but none have anything either in production or live.

Furthermore, by taking up the Ripple network, they are not obliged to take the XRP coin as well - in fact, most have stated they want their own coin on the Ripple network.

And the real banking behemoths want their own network.

XRP has had its five minutes of fame late 2017 when it got bumped and dumped to astronomical heights and never got close to a fraction of that. I would stay clear of it. If you got them, HODL, but don’t buy any more for the love of god.

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