Customer service levels

I’m concerned about the customer service level for all users.

When I first joined Chip live chat was an actual ‘live’ service, now it says expect to wait a day for a response. I raised a case two days ago as I can’t deposit and have had no reply.

If Chip worked seamlessly this would be one thing but it doesn’t. If I wasn’t also an investor I would have walked away a long time ago (the above example isn’t an isolated case personally, it’s become the norm).

It seems unlikely that casual users will put up with such poor service. Are they understaffed or dealing with just too many problems?

I’d love to hear from all contributors with anything to add re this

And if Chip could detail their customer service approach because it doesn’t feel like a particularly tight or successful ship currently.


I have to agree that “live” chat is a complete misnomer in my experience. Where I have used a live chat service with other companies (a utility provider, for example), it has been offered as an alternative to a phone call and often the response time over the chat is quicker than using the phone where you end up in a queue.

I don’t know what the setup tends to be at the company end for these services generally, but it seems like there is a team of people whose job it is to man the live chat service and, although they may be dealing with multiple customers simultaneously (that’s the bit I don’t know), once you have been connected with a representative, you ask you question and get a response within a couple of minutes.

Chip clearly aren’t offering that sort of level of service so calling the in-app support “live chat” is just misleading and promotes false expectations. I’d be happy with a 24h or even 48h initial response time but don’t introduce the support as a “live” service.

This is only my experience but I suspect it is the same for others (as it clearly has been for @Sonnyliston).

Generally, once someone has picked up the thread, they are able to deal with the query I have, so the knowledge seems to be there, but I don’t think the chat is very “live”.



This seems to be a common problem with modern fintechs (those established in last 5 years or so). There seems to be a culture amongst these companies that it’s acceptable to 1) have in-app chat support that isn’t actually live and 2) to exclude or discourage a phone support option. It’s annoying!

Not an excuse for Chip. Just an observation.


I got a reply today after 3 days. They didn’t even reference the delay which suggests it’s endemic. Not to invest in customer service seems so myopic.

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You’re right, it does seem to be a common problem in all areas but I’ve learned to live with the lack of phone support you get nowadays, even live chat isn’t too bad if it’s within a few hours but 3 days or no reply at all is excessive!

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Hi all, thanks for the feedback on this - as a company that’s growing at a huge rate internally and within our user base, we understand there they’ll always be scaling issues when it comes to having enough CS staff to respond to our users in a time efficient manner.

We’re currently expanding the team and won’t be stopping anytime soon - but feedback like this is vital as to where we need to be focusing our team expansion too!


Keep up the good work Krish and the rest of the team :raised_hands:

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Someone asked why I hadn’t spent more time on the forums. Vacuous posts like that is why. You wouldn’t answer my question re ChipX or now honestly engage re customer service levels or lack thereof. Brilliant, write a lot of words that say nothing and maybe no one will notice.

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Hi Sonny, my honest answer to the customer service question is that we’re aware that whilst we’re growing at a quick rate there are areas within the company that we need to focus on, and it’s through feedback from users that we’re able to target internal hiring the most.

On ChipX I did provide you with the fact that, it has not launched yet. ChipAI is a different product - and Investors who get ChipX as a free perk, will continue to do so.

For anything I might’ve missed, I apologise, but as I’ve flagged before - it’s difficult to reply to each and every concern on the Forum.

Would you like me to enquire with the Chip team as to a more detailed answer on the plans to specifically growing our Customer Service team?


Thanks for the reply, that at least feels as if you’ve engaged with it.

I’m sure you have internal numbers on customer service, the ‘live chat’ has a listed response time of 1 day, is that by design? Chip have aggressively recruited new users, are you telling me that Chip are waiting for feedback in this forum before asking questions about customer service levels?

If Chip is expanding the Customer Service team currently why isn’t there any positions listed on the jobs page? A more detailed answer on the plans to grow the customer service team would be good

Re ChipX, that wasn’t my question however so I’ll try again. The plan is ChipLite, ChipAI, ChipX. ChipX will have everything in ChipAI plus bells & whistles. The 2018 crowdfunding raise was heavily predicated on free access to a new returns engine, ChipX. That product, as advertised at the time, will never exist. It isn’t outlandish to ask the question why, when ChipAI has been launched much earlier than the new ChipX, access to it wasn’t given as a stop-gap measure. Investors from 2018 have been waiting 2+years, throw them a bone. Was this discussed? What’s the reasons for not doing it?

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God this is becoming boring :sleeping:

Like Gus and his rants all over again :roll_eyes:


I agree, posting comments with nothing to actually add to the subject at hand is boring Mr Incapable :wink:. If you think 3 days is acceptable for users to wait for a response in ‘live chat’’ that’s up to you, me, I’m gonna ask a question.

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And still get no answers no doubt

You may as well message Simon or Alex to get an answer as you won’t clearly be getting it anywhere else.

I’d rafter be incapable than patronising any day of the week


That’s kinda the point isn’t it, they don’t answer questions but that in itself is an answer… I took your advice and did a bit of reading of previous posts, loved your work in the below, real genius level cognitive dissonance :joy:… And also valid questions and concerns never addressed, recurring theme it seems…

Hi, I’ve spoken to our VP of Customer Service and will be getting her set up on the Forum soon so we can have a representation with whom you’ll be able to get a more detail answer. But I will say, I am most definitely not ‘telling me that Chip are waiting for feedback in this forum before asking questions about customer service levels?’ I am simply saying, that a well-rounded bit of feedback from our Shareholders is important to us when it comes to validating where our recruitment efforts go initially. We have recently onboarded multiple members of CS staff, and so resource is put toward training up the newest members of the Chip family, before expanding again.

RE ChipX, I see. You’re asking about why ChipAI wasn’t given to Shareholders as an interim product.

For those individuals who fall into the circle of ‘user + Shareholders’ we do try to offer a balanced measure of benefits, for example - the access to the HTB account, access to Chip+1 prior to the rest of the userbase, internal private channels such as these.

As I’ve mentioned before, Chip as a company gains literally nothing from making bad decisions when it comes to product roll out to our Shareholders. It would be a bad business decision to try to be deceptive to shareholders of the company.

However, we need to make sure not not synonymies being a ‘Shareholder’ with ‘always getting free access to certain parts of the app’ as that literally would not be a good business decision when it comes to your investment in the company - fact of the matter is, we’re treating you as investors and shareholders and focusing on growing your investment in our company, as opposed to treating you like users and trying to win you over with short term gains for short term moral boosts.


Well said Krish

Definitely a better reply than anything i would ever be capable of….

Keep up the good work.

Excited to receive the queue update email yesterday :raised_hands:

Hi Krish, the question I have is why has it been allowed to get to the stage that a response takes 3 days or in some instances no response is ever received. I look forward to the VP of Customer Service explaining that in detail. I’ve recommended this product to a few people over the years and I’ve never had such bad feedback as I have recently, I didn’t realise how low the level of service had dropped until trying to get in contact myself.

Re- ChipX. Again you’re misrepresenting my question. Very specifically I referred to the 2018 crowdfunding raise which was heavily predicated on free access to ChipX if you invested above a certain level. I’m not talking about any shareholder. If Chip didn’t want investors to partly invest for access to certain products then they shouldn’t have based their raise, at the time, on it. Especially when they knew the product would never launch in the timeframe promised. ChipAI is a stepping stone to ChipX. All you’re doing is delaying access to the benefits which eligible investors will eventually have access to. And as mentioned they’ve waited a long time and watched a lot of promises fall by the wayside.

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I haven’t seen anything from your customer service VP on the forum?


No update from the customer service VP? @KrishChip

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Hey mate, any chance of an update on this? Thanks

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