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Disappointed to hear that our customer service levels are not up to your standards. At the start of the year we had 6 people in our CS team, today we have 10 people. We have near enough doubled the size of our team. That in itself goes to show how serious we take our customer service. I’m going to loop in a pal of mine from the CS team, she’ll be able to give you more insight as to what’s going on in their day to day operations.

You’ll never satisfy some people @FredChip….

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You’re right, my standards are unrealistically high, who would expect a response quicker than 3 days. What you gave isn’t the update I’m referring to, where’s the VP of CS who was going to make contact months ago?

Actually don’t worry about it, Chip can just listen to the yes men sycophants instead :+1:

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Kieran I understand you’re frustrated but you got to take it down a notch, your tone is too aggressive. I’m not bringing the VP of CS into this topic, I’m sorry my predecessor promised this to you months ago but I don’t see it to be fit. I can’t bring the VP in every time I have someone disgruntled about our customer service.

I think it’s unfortunate you’ve had a couple longer than average run ins with our CS team because more often than not they are pretty darn quick. If you have any problems with Chip in the future leave it in the forum and i’ll get back to you ASAP. Kieran i’ll be your main man!

We are also extremely proud of our team Customer Satisfaction rating of 89.9%, for reference, the industry standard for banking is 78%.

Sorry again Kieran but this wasn’t my promise to keep. I really do appreciate your engagement in the forum, you’ve already dropped some gems for me today. Going forward I hope we can have some fun and make Chip better.


I’d love to pump my fist and say ‘Yes!’ to that response…but I don’t want to get labelled! :slight_smile:


If you interpret it that way that’s up to you. The promise isn’t yours to keep personally, it’s Chip’s and as the successor to the person who offered it, I didn’t ask for it, I thought it was worthwhile checking in.

I haven’t had one or two longer than normal run ins with customer service, I’ve had half a dozen or more in the last year. I’ve had a complaint following your own complaint process that’s been raised but never followed up on about a 7 week delay in withdrawing money. I’ve had other users of the app that I recommended to them complain to me about the lack of customer service which is why I started this thread to get some idea of why it’s been like that.

If on behalf of Chip you are reneging on the above promise that’s fine, just say that. Chip makes promise it doesn’t follow through on, hardly a shocker.

if the business cant deliver good service to its own investors what chance does it have of competing in a market that is becoming more competitive. if you put money into the business and they cant even reply to a customer service email in a timely fashion then where did that money go? as an investor you should hold the business to a much higher standard than you would as a customer with no vested interest. you want the business to be as resilient as possible, you wont make money by cheerleading mediocrity. as an investor, the team at chip work for you. as a shareholder you have every right to expect they meet the highest standards, as a shareholder you should be very frustrated by the increase in complaints. im not saying that you have to feel a certain way because as an individual you can feel however you want im just replying to the point about the ideal position of an investor.

this is not good for youre investment Chip Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of


You could say the same for many banks, as well as every other service provider, on Trustpilot. First one i looked at, Starling, has similar reviews as per Chip:

Maybe, as a society, we are voicing our opinions much more than we ever have? Maybe as a society having such a platform to vent on makes us vent more? Maybe our expectations as a society are too high? Maybe as a society we need to change this ‘me, me, me’ attitude?

When (back in the ‘good old days’) we had to write a ‘letter of complaint’ to voice our displeasure, we didn’t bother as it was usually just a minor niggle. If Points of View was still on tv today, there would be record numbers of complaints daily!

Just my opinion…


Kieran i’m always speaking on behalf of Chip! The whole reason why we are talking on this topic is because in March you were unhappy with the level of Customer Service Chip offered and from the looks of it you weren’t too happy with Chip’s responses on the Forum.

Since March our CS team has hired two more full time employees, in 2021 we have hired a total of four new CS staff members. As I said earlier at the end of 2020 CS was made up of six people, now it is ten. The size of our team clearly showcases how seriously we are taking our customer service.

I’ve come into this role to engage and be transparent with you Kieran, I hope this alleviates some of your concerns about our Customer Service. I’ve been here two weeks Kieran, the sly dig at Chip and empty promises is a little unnecessary.

Big shout out to Sonny Liston by the way, hell of a boxer!!

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I’m not a mind reader Fred, there was no update since Chip promised the above engagement from CS VP and number of employees is just one aspect. I wanted to have an idea of the strategy behind it, SLAs etc. At the time response time was listed at 1 day which wasn’t my experience, was that by design or accident, what percentage was kept in that time etc. ‘Live chat’ isn’t called that anymore so someone took the decision to change that. If I was an individual user I would just leave but as an investor I’m trying to hold Chip to a higher standard and see it from gen public point of view.

It was less a sly dig, more an outright statement, Chip have made promises/claims they haven’t kept since I’ve been involved in 2018. The above is just one of them. And there’s always an excuse, now some of them may be valid but it doesn’t always feel that way.

Liston was criminally underrated!

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Hi Fish and Chip welcome to the party! It seems you are new to the forum, what a way to get stuck in!

We’re more than happy to receive any feedback positive or negative, as long as it can be conducted in a professional manner.

Bad reviews come with any business, this is no excuse and everyone at Chip is always thriving to make this company better.

I most definitely do not want anyone to champion mediocrity. I would like this forum to be a fair and reasonable place where we can praise Chip’s successes and call out our failures. Both equally help us make Chip better going forward.

Fish and Chip, if you invested in any of Chip’s funding rounds I recommend you join our FB investors group called ‘Chip Investors’, if not would be a joy if you joined our FB Chip - Early adopters group.

Welcome Fish and Chip, funny name!

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“Maybe our expectations as a society are too high”. I’m fortunate to be old enough to remember when people and companies cared. They don’t any more and will come up with any lame excuse for not doing so. Every job I had throughout my working life I did to the best of my ability, which was always quicker and more accurately than my colleagues because I prided myself on it, even though my colleagues did good work themselves. Why are so called mistakes made? Laziness? Can’t be bothered? Whatever the reason, if someone has to complain then don’t make excuses, deal with it and put things right.


I left a job of almost 10 years for that reason. I was specifically told that we were no longer responsible for providing ‘great’ customer service, but ‘just good enough’ so that they wouldn’t want to leave.

I’m in a much better role now, where the company is growing as it actually looks after its customers and upsells, so is growing as a result.

My last company, is now losing business to ‘competition’.

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