Danske Bank....?


Anyone else from Northern Ireland and patiently waiting for Danske Bank to be officially added to Chip?

Currently there is a work around by selecting Monzo Bank and just enter your details as normal. You still have the Monzo Logo etc

I’ve been told that Danske bank should be officially added in a few weeks time, the last time I was told that was almost two years ago. So I’m really hoping this time round it really is a few weeks :slight_smile:


Barry :slight_smile:

Hey Barry,

I’m also from Northern Ireland (but currently in the big smoke!) What’s the craic?

We’re hoping to add an ‘other bank’ button very soon (much in the way you’re able to for the challenger banks currently) - and this will include the likes of Danske/Clydesdale etc!

We’ll get you on board as soon as we can!



Hi @Donald-Chip

Good to know a member of staff is from Norn Iron :slight_smile: It’s all good thanks :slight_smile:

That’s great to hear, I know that there can be set backs/issues out of Chips controls etc but I hope “Coming Soon” means before the end of the year. I’ve been waiting too long already. Can you tell I’m an impatient person? lol

Kind Regards

Barry McKelvey

It’ll definitely be before the end of the year Barry!