Depressingly long goal deadlines

I’m seeing an issue with goal dates. Even at 75% of the average Chip is taking on auto saves, I should reach my goal in 3 years. But goals is telling me I can only reach it in 10 years!

I can understand a certain level of caution, and that Chip might allow for breaks in savings, etc. But even if you add on an extra 50% of time to account for that, it should be max 4.5 years to reach the goal. Even taking my very cautious figures, I should easily be done in much less than half the time the Chip is telling me.

It’s not very motivational. I’m lucky, I’m already a homeowner. But I can only imagine the despair I’d have felt when I was trying to get my deposit together to see such a life-changing goal set so far out of reach. And it seems to not even BE out of reach when I do the maths myself.

I joined on 31/10. Is this something that will level out over time? Or is there some other variable in the calculations that I’m not taking into consideration?

Do a search of the forum for “2029”. I think there is a bug.

Yep, it’s a bug and is being worked on along with a number of other big improvements for Goals. :slight_smile:

Thanks Sarah - I don’t suppose there’s an expected timeline for the goal dates to be fixed?