Details on Save Streaks

Saw the announcement today and wanted to understand this better.

As an example, it seems to suggest, if you were to save £1 per day, you would get a better rate or bonus than someone who saves £30 a month because of the streak. Is that correct?

What counts as the end of the streak? Missing a save I presume? What happens if you withdrawal the money from your account because you hit your saving goal? Does that end the streak?

A bit more information would be useful



Also, my save steak is currently saying 3 days but I have never cancelled a save since having Chip. Has everyone started on ‘0’ days from the introduction of Save Streak?

So, we rolled streaks out a few days ago now and when this went live, everyone has started at 0 - Unfortunately it wasn’t possible to back track everyones previous streaks.

As soon as you have an automatic save, your saving streak is triggered. Your streak will only end if you decide to skip an automatic save.

Withdrawals do not effect your streak either. Everyone manages their money differently and we don’t want to discourage people from withdrawing if they feel they need access to their money.

We shall be releasing more information about bonus and saving streaks very shortly, so stay tuned!

Liam - Chip.

I think you need to make a tweak to the save streak prediction to only include automatic saves. At the moment it assumes one off manual saves will continue indefinitely so the prediction is way too high.

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Agreed - We shall be making this change shortly. Appreciate your feedback!

I have a major problem using the app Liam and it’s basically broken for me now. Unusable. Can you help?

Have you re-tried any of your cards? I only ask because my app was reset recently (before the most recent updates but quite recently) and when I tried to re-add the card that was previously linked, it was rejected. However, when I tried again the next day, it did connect.

Possibly, you have tried multiple times, but just in case you haven’t…


Yes bud. Tried them all multiple times. Deleted and reinstalled several times too. All say card declined for 3 totally separate banks…

Are the streaks from Midnight-23:59 or from the time you last saved to the same time the next day…

I think a count down timer would be good to see when the 24 hour period will end I have saved everyday this week and twice my streak has reset I’m assuming that’s because I hadn’t saved within the 24 hours from the time I saved the day before even though I have save in my activity from everyday…I hope this makes sense :rofl:

I believe save streaks are for automatic saves, so it should be only if you cancel an autosave that the streak is reset.

Your manual saving should not affect this.


Hi ben, I believe the first iteration includes manual but we are looking to change that to only automatic. Our new save streak bonus - designed to keep savers motivated no matter the size of their balances, will take into account automatic saves only.

I’m sure @liamchip can help if you have any more questions.

Cheers and take care,


Hi Paul,

@peterpruden asked about a streak being reset because of no manual save within 24 hours, but as far as I know, it isn’t a requirement to save something every 24 hours to maintain a streak - all you need to do is not cancel any autosaves Chip makes. Perhaps you or @liamchip could clarify.

The only documentation I can find does refer to “the number of consecutive days” you have saved which does suggest you need to save every day, so maybe I am wrong in my post above?


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So theres nothing stopping people withdrawing the amount the automatic save took from their current account but them keeping their streak?

Im fully with withdrawing money not counting as ending the streak, but this seems like a very easy workaround to maintain the streak bonus without actually saving money? No idea how much of a problem that will actually be, but its worth thinking about!