Difficulty Contacting Chip

Hi all,

I just wanted to post my 2p here… the turnaround times for contacting Chip are currently awful. I’ve tried the “live” chat twice over the last few days (a simple bank change request), emailed once, and even tried manually disconnecting my bank myself. To date, I have not even received an acknowledgement of receipt (excluding the automated bot in live chat).

How do people get in touch with the Chip team? Perhaps I am doing something wrong here?



I do hope someone at Chip is reading this and taking immediate action as this sort of complaint is all too common with Chip!
No communication or any kind of help.

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Hi, thanks for your feedback, just copying this answer over that I posted in another thread:

We’ve seen an incredible surge in growth in recent months, which has brought in a huge influx of new customers. This naturally has led to more customers getting in touch with the customer support team, meaning they’re as busy as they’ve ever been, but we are working hard to address all of the issues as they come our way.

We’re looking at ways to streamline the process to make it more efficient, and we’re also hiring / have just hired more customer service reps to help assist everyone.

And behind the scenes we take in all of the feedback we get and work to address the root causes, so that it benefits all of our customers in the long term.

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@Boulton, that’s one of the perils of changing banks for you.