Do anyone who bank with barclays ever have issues?

I bank with barclays and ive never had any issues? Interested to see who people bank with that are having issues

I’m with Barclays too, and have personally never had any issues with the app.

The ones which are having issues lately are HSBC, RBS and NatWest, as those banks have changed how they allow apps like Chip access to see your account.

Hi @sarahchip, I thought the HSBC issue had been fixed with the latest update but Ive not had an autosave since?

Hi @Burg, I’m afraid not. The last update changed HSBC to the same type of bank as Monzo/Starling etc, in that it can connect for card saves only.

You should still be getting those card saves, however. When was your last autosave?

Ignore me, you’ve just reminded me that I turned pause on, apologies!

Haha, that was going to be my nest question! :wink:

If your talking about in relation to saving from them, that’s about the only thing that is working with them, but I have never been able to connect my Chip account tied in fully, keeps coming back wrong credentials, I have changed them in the Barclays App more than once, but no difference, but Chip nibbles away taking bites from the account every week or whatever pattern it is without any trouble lol. :money_with_wings:

I know I need to ring the bank, but it sucks the way they have treated me in the past, so I’m just waiting for the right time then I’m gone, I hope First Direct works with this, I just need to figure out how to buy something with the Chip account, I have yet to look so not a problem, but Chip has no problems taking money anyway if that helps.

Hey @Alan, Chip can connect to First Direct! Also, you can’t make purchases with your Chip account, but you can withdraw the funds back into your chosen bank account. :slight_smile:

Hi, Thanks for that, any idea how long it is to become live\usable in the account ?
Sorry for being lazy, just not a good time currently, but I have no problem looking when I am ready to need it. :tired_face:

Do you mean how long until you can make purchases? This isn’t something we’re working on, as Chip is designed for saving rather than spending. :slight_smile:

No I mean back in my account and ready to spend side of things ?
Basically is there a day or so before it becomes ‘live’ to spend, as my phone is for all intensive purposes dead, and my daughter is due to drop any day, so I am desperately searching for something I can afford, guess this would be my ‘goal’ so to speak.

Ah, I’m with you! So if you withdraw before 5pm on a working day, the money will land back in your current account the same day. Tap it on a weekend or after 5pm, and it’ll be with you the next working day.

That’s great, Thanks for that, now to get a phone lol. :iphone: