Do I have an account number and sort code?

Do our chip accounts have account numbers and sort codes in the same way a more traditional savings account has?

Is it possible to send money from my current account to another person’s chip account using an account number and sort code rather than initiating a transfer themselves through their app?
(for example, my wife is going to create an account soon and we will split savings between the two accounts it’s easier to send money from my current account to mine and then her chip account using the account number and sort code at the same time whilst logged into my current account app than it is to tell her to log into chip and then how much to transfer etc.

Also should the worse happen and chip closes down having account number and sort codes would make it easier to go through the fscs scheme.


You cannot send money to another person’s chip account - it has to come from their linked open banking account.

Within the chip app, you can either deposit via a (debit)card, linked(open) banking, or the app gives you a specific sort code/account number/reference to use from your own banking app (this is what I use)

I think with you guys, either transfer the money to your wife, who will then deposit into her linked chip account.


Open a chip account each, it literally takes minutes (opened mine about two months ago and very happy)

Are you sure the last point is correct ? It wasn’t originally possible to have more than one chip account connected to the same bank account.

Ah the way I am reading it, each of them has their own account (as there is no reason to transfer from one account to another if it was joint)