Do you *really* need that Black Friday purchase?

We all know someone who caves to the pressure of impulse spending during Black Friday (I mean, I am that person), so send them the link to our latest blog and our handy little chatbot!

We think that Black Friday can be a great way to grab a bargain, but also that the pressure to spend can be huge, so we just wanted to encourage people to spend a moment thinking about if they really need to make that purchase, or whether they’re being told that they do by clever marketing.

So, share the link far and wide this Black Friday and let’s see if we can save some bank balances and credit cards from unnecessary spending!


Good bit of fun…aaaand cue the backlash!..


It told me to buy a new phone, TV, Xbox… Now I’m skint :wink:

Heh some folk are going to get upset about those GIFs :wink:

It told me not to buy the G29 PS4 wheel, so I’m not buying it and we’re not friends any more.

It told me I shouldn’t buy a new petrol tank skid plate to replace the one that’s corroding on my Jeep. Ignoring that advice, thanks.