Early March press update

Hi all,

It’s Daria, Chip’s Head of PR, here with another coverage update. This time, I wanted to share a smorgasbord of recent hits to give you a taste of some of the exposure we’ve been getting lately in press.

Firstly - fresh off the press - we have the news about our new CTO, Tom Evans.

Another piece that came out today is this Evening Standard feature highlighting the five best apps to help you save for a house deposit. I wanted to highlight this one as it’s a great example of how, as Chip matured, the way we’re talked about has also changed. It’s been a gradual shift but we are landing more and more coverage that focuses on how Chip can help you grow your money and save for big, long-term goals.

In last week’s coverage, I wanted to share this piece about industry reactions to the Budget, featuring insights from our CCO, Gerard Hurley, off the back of an interview he did following the announcement.

And lastly, I wanted to share two very different video pieces. The first one is a video from one of the UK’s top money bloggers, Any Webb from Clever With Your Cash, highlighting Chip as one of the best savings accounts.

The second video comes from 11FS where the Pulse team look at Save Streaks. It’s not our first feature on 11FS’s Pulse - you may have seen our VP of Engineering, Josh Talbot, run though the magic behind Chip in an episode from earlier last year.

As always, feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions, ideas or suggestions.

Have a lovely evening,


Great updates Daria. Keep up the good work. And welcome to Tom :ok_hand:

Looking good, thanks for the update.