Easy access account and Bank of England rate increase

With the Bank of England again raising base rate of interest are chip going to negotiate now for better easy access rate of above 0.7% as u very soon are no longer market leading, looking possibly soon wether I have take my money out chip @Team-Chip will there be any updates I know new rate only happen today!!


Still waiting on this new notice account too. Wasn’t it supposed to be released at the end of Jan?

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It isn’t going to happen because of changes by the bank that was issuing it. It’s talked about on the Facebook investors group

Aw no, didn’t realise notice account had been canned. I missed that on FB

Ah ok, i missed that. I haven’t used Facebook for years

There is a poll at the moment for either a 90 day or 120 day account. They can only resource to build one at a time at the moment

Ah ok thanks. What were the poll results looking like?

So the 32 day notice account with 0.9% interest that was meant to launch early in 2022 will no longer launch?

No as the bank that was offering it pulled it. Not Chips fault

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Not saying that is chip’s fault, just that their communication to investors is as bad as it always has been that it is now I am finding this from you and not Chip


Totally agree. This should have been communicated wider. Assuming people use the Facebook group isn’t good enough.


Interesting reading that the bank that was offering it has pulled, on the latest App Update info in the App Store mentions there has been work under the bonnet for the notice account. Maybe they have worked out something or maybe not… :slight_smile: But agree maybe this should have been communicated wider, even to investors and users.

Will see what happens.